Hi! I'm Pam Isleta or moirgane or pamoire
I'm a freelance artist who draws when she feels like it.

Just wanted to do some Gaia freebies. I just finished Binbougami ga! recently and I want to get back into anime haha. 

Also made my own signature thingy

Just a doodle in between work

just practice again.

trying out loish’s style following her cool vid :) http://vimeo.com/89138865

Aubrey Sprite for a game me and my friends were trying to make

Daily Doodle- decided to make an art freebie as practice today. Deidra the succubus belongs to Phipps

Old art of a guildmate from guild wars 2, Cruci :)


Quick practice doodle of a theme given by a friend, trying to get back to drawing

Fanart of my friend’s game called Living Remains.

Wip sample for a VN I was hired to work on

» Update

Uploaded some old works and new works. Finishing thesis up :)